Mothers make us happy 365 days of a year... Now it’s our time to make them happy. Please come, join us with your mother for fun, sharing, learning, and entertainment!

Something Extra On Mother's Day... Especially For Your Mum!

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8th May 2022: Be In These Events!

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Feeling like taking the center-stage? Go for it… this is your moment. Take away the mike for a full two minutes and let your mom see something she’s never have thought would come from you 😁😁😁 Let us know you’re game.

Moms and we go back all our lives! Let’s talk about the special moments on the way. Make us laugh, cry, dream, sniffle, enjoy with your piece. Fill the form below so we can contact you with details.

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This Mother's Day, from 11 AM to 9 PM, India Time, we will create special moments for mothers around the world! Here are a few celebrity guests / expert teachers from Infinite Wellness, who bring goodies for you!

Amanvir & Aruna Mothers and emotions… Let’s talk about the expressed and unexpressed emotions for the mother… of the mother!

Shailza Pathania Interesting tips from the diva icon herself, a fashion designer- the intricacies of fashion and photography.

Meenakshi Singh Understand your present and future through tarot card reading. How wellness vibes with YOU , break the myths!

Shweta Singh Choudhry Natural and practical beauty tips & skin care from the glam queen herself. 

Dr. Rachna Jain New mothers need a lot of support from all of us and our doctor is here to guide them about pre -natal & post-natal care.

Dr. Diksha Kamble Cooking the shamanic way -Tapping into the feminine energy through food for manifestation of abundance.

Dr. Yukti Raj Kishore Connect to the power of your breath – reduce stress and attain holistic fitness with mental peace.

Dr. Vanddna Bhargav Mind & numerology – understand the relationship with numbers and our life course.

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